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The rice bran - Cleansing foam

The rice bran - Cleansing foam

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Rejuvenate and Refresh Your Skin with Rice Bran Cleansing Foam. Revitalize your skin with the fresh fragrance and nourishing rice extract in our cleansing foam - no lengthy skincare routine required.

Deep Cleanse, Clear Skin : Our rice bran cleansing foam tackles clogged pores and congestion with its powerful yet gentle formula, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

Clogged pores: With its deep cleansing action, the foam cleanser effectively removes impurities both at the surface and within the pores, preventing them from becoming clogged and causing breakouts.

Foam cleanser with Rice bran water extract gently moisturizes skin with its rich, dense foam.

It provides deep cleansing which removes skin impurities both at the surface and within the pores of the skin. Its foam technology makes sure that the cleanser travels within the pores to scoop the dirt out while replenishing rice-extracted nutrients to the skin.

And be fresh fragrant when you clean face.

size : 100ml

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