Made by an Influencer who lived in Arabia

She lived in Arab in her twenties, was able to meet local people, and those concerns led to Your Vegan

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Whether Indoors or Outdoors

The perfection of fashion is skin. You need to take care of it differently from buying clothes. The only 3 ways to keep your skin young.


#Sufficient water intake

#Care cosmetics suitable for skin

Moisturizing Solution

Best Products


AHA, PHA ingredient removes dead skin cells and contains rice bran extract to make clear and transparent skin.


#brighten up

#makeup better

#acne improvement

Grow beauty
  • 1st. made in korea

    Reliable production line.

    Manufactured in Korea

    and delivered to your side.

  • 2nd. rice bran water

    Born to vegan cosmetics.

    Protect your skin with rice bran water

    suitable for your skin.

  • 3rd. free shipping

    If you purchase a set product, we will provide free shipping(from 80$) regardless of the country in the Arab countries.

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